What is the benefit of dermaplaning...?


 At its most basic description, it is the controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, surgical blade held at a 45 degree angle to remove keratinized cells on the outer stratum corneum and fine, vellus hair (a.k.a. peach fuzz).

Dermaplaning allows professional practitioners to target very specific and defined areas, and provides precise control of the exfoliating process, stroke by stroke. It is safe for all skin types and clients, even those with extremely sensitive skin or conditions such as rosacea, making it a great alternative for skin that is irritated by other methods of exfoliation. There is little to no pain and discomfort involved in treatment, and no recovery time necessary. 

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Dermaplaning should not be performed on those who are undergoing cancer treatments, experiencing active acne outbreaks or cold sores, have uncontrolled diabetes, are currently on Accutane, have had laser treatments within the last two weeks, or those who have a blood disorder or are taking blood thinners.    Retin-A users are advised to refrain using a week prior to treatment. 

What is dermaplaning...?

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Dermaplaning is a “controlled-trauma” treatment. The body reacts to this treatment by stimulating its interior emergency repair system (prompting increased circulation, more oxygen, additional nutrients and new cell stimulation) while allowing the trained professional to topically deliver antioxidants, peptides, growth factors, moisturizers and other vital nutrients to the fresh, newly exposed skin cells. The treatment stimulates normal shedding of the stratum corneum, removes skin flaws and helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, milia and congested pores.